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Bamboo Fiber product cleaning and maintenance
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Washing of bamboo fiber textiles

1, washing or dry cleaning, dry cleaning effect better;

2, not more than 35 ℃ water temperature, warm washing, wash before washing in warm water for 10 minutes;

3, can use washing machine weak wash, neutral detergent, not bleaching, as far as possible not to contact with acid, alkali or other chemical components;

4, after washing, placed in a good shade of ventilation natural air-dry, dry to 80% when the low-temperature ironing can be, this will be more smooth and smooth.

The maintenance of bamboo fiber textile

1, bamboo fiber itself has a very good natural pest antimicrobial performance, collection will not necessarily mothballs or other insect-proofing agents placed in the mat.

2, before storage, must follow the correct cleaning method after cleaning, folding and put well.

3, storage, do not use heavy extrusion, preferably with the original packaging box for storage.

4, bamboo fiber products should not be exposed, or will become brittle, usually bamboo fiber products after washing shade can be.

5, Bamboo fiber underwear best hand wash, can not be soaked for a long time, water temperature should not be more than 30 degrees, not chlorine drift, not dry drying, flat dry, also do not exposure.

6, Bamboo fiber towel to avoid dry wipe, wet for good, cleaning should not rub back and forth, rinse gently with water, towel can not long soak in the water, and avoid exposure and high temperature washing.

7, Bamboo fiber textiles (bamboo fiber underwear, bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber clothing, etc.) when used to avoid high temperature and avoid sharp things scraping. 8, not everyone is suitable for bamboo fiber, such as infants, cotton products more suitable for children's delicate skin, bamboo fiber products suitable for adult skin, and has the effect of massage beauty skin.