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Bamboo Fiber vs Pure Cotton
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  The difference between bamboo fiber and pure cotton Cotton is a floc, bamboo fiber into a filamentous, because bamboo fiber is recycled fiber, its length and fineness can be manually controlled. The fibres are naturally formed, and the length and fineness are fixed.

  Cotton is not shiny, bamboo fiber a bit of the brightness of silk, so the fabric woven with bamboo fiber feel more soft, feel slippery, looks a little velvet feeling, it smells like a bamboo flavor.

  Bamboo fiber and pure cotton which is good

  Bamboo Fiber: Silky soft warm, antimicrobial antibacterial, hygroscopic breathable, anti-ultraviolet, deodorant adsorption function; Pure cotton: perspiration breathable, moisturizing warm, soft and sensitive, easy to wash, not easy to pilling, heat, alkali.