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Development market of baby blanket
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  China every year 2,000─3,000 million babies were born, of which 8-36 months old infants about 45 million, children 320 million, for 0-4-year-old infants, consumer groups have 80 million.

  The huge consumer group, has laid the solid foundation for the baby child blanket market. Further, the baby blanket products do not have a seasonal, light season, winter again cold summer again to the children with blankets, there is no such as clothing as there are obvious short season festival, Easy unsalable goods, produce inventory, occupy funds, so that the brand can not be healthy operation.

  At the same time, child blankets are not subject to family restrictions and apply to any family. To sum up, baby blanket market potential is very large, there are huge business opportunities to be developed.