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Distinguishing the quality of bamboo fiber products
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Look at the color Good quality bamboo fiber product appearance bright color, and high color fastness, will not because of washing the sun and other factors such as easy fade bleaching.

Poor bamboo fiber products are dark or color difference is obvious, or very easy to bleach fade.

See Shrink

The quality of bamboo fiber products after washing will greatly shrink, resulting in the appearance of deformation size reduction.

Look at the workmanship

Poor bamboo fiber products Most of the workmanship is not fine, the seams are obvious, there are many jumper disconnection phenomenon.

Smell smell Poor bamboo fiber products often use chemical additives to increase the appearance of the product quality, but it is inevitable to leave the taste of chemical potions.

High quality bamboo fiber products are fragrant and slightly fresh bamboo smell.

Distinguish the Feeling

The bamboo fiber content of the product will be very delicate and smooth, otherwise it will feel very rough astringent or feel greasy.

Look at the Ashes. From good bamboo fiber products in the extraction of silk thread burning without black smoke, after burning no ashes.and poor bamboo fiber products when burning more smoke, after burning ash and black ashes.

Look at the air. Spread a piece of bamboo fiber products to breathe in the mouth, feel the advantages of air permeability. Excellent quality of breathable evenly smooth.