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Home textile fabric cleaning and maintenance
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1, cotton fabric can not use detergents containing bleach ingredients, water temperature not exceeding 30 ℃;

2, silk, silk, soybean fiber can not use the detergent containing biological enzymes;

3, wool, cashmere should pay attention to avoid prolonged immersion, velvet fabric surface avoid ironing;

4, silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber can not be immersed in high-temperature water, recommended silk hair detergent;

5, linen products washing can not be hard to rub, twist, the best use of dry cleaning;

6, feather, wool material, silk, camel hair and soy fiber bedding does not need frequent drying;

7, chemical fiber should be dry cleaning, washing can reduce the volume of fluffy, affect the thermal performance;

8, blanket at room temperature cleaning, can not be bleached, can not be used in rotary drying, not ironing; 9, should be washed with dry cleaning or sent to dry cleaning shop treatment, washing may reduce the volume of fluffy.