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Home Textile Purchase Tips
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1, according to the fabric selection

Different fabrics have a qualitative difference in cost, good fabric and work more can show the effect of products, otherwise, in the purchase by the shrink, wrinkle, soft, flat and so finishing the fabric and curtain products to be cautious, pay attention to whether the fabric label labeled formaldehyde content.

2, according to the process selection Process is divided into printing and dyeing process and textile technology.

Printing and dyeing are divided into ordinary printing and dyeing, semi-active, active, reactive printing and dyeing of course than ordinary printing and dyeing better; textile is divided into plain, twill, printing, embroidery, jacquard, process is more complex, the fabric is more and more soft.

3, check the logo, see Packaging

Formal Enterprise product identification content is relatively complete, address, telephone clear, product quality is relatively good; for those product identification is not complete, nonstandard, inaccurate, or product packaging rough, printing ambiguous, consumers should be cautious to purchase.

4, smell odor Consumers in the purchase of home textile products, but also can smell a smell has no smell.

If the product emits a stimulating odor, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to buy.

5, Pick suit Choose Color, you should also try to buy light-colored products, so formaldehyde, color fastness to the risk of more than a little.

Good quality products, it's flower-type printing and dyeing lifelike, lifelike, there is no chromatic aberration, there is no dirty, bleaching and other phenomena.

6, pay attention to collocation With the improvement of living standards, many consumers have a great change of life, the high quality of life has its own unique understanding, so buy home textiles, to learn more with knowledge, to pay attention to home textiles and decoration collocation.