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The knowledge of home textile fabric knows how much
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1, fabric raw material identification methods are: hand-eye visual method, chemical dissolution method, microscope observation, drug coloring, combustion method.

The specific identification method is described in detail in the textile material data.

2, the fabric of the latitude and longitude to the difference

(1), if the fabric is identified with a cloth edge, then the yarn parallel to the cloth direction is warp, the other side is latitude.

(2), sizing is the direction of the warp, not sizing is the direction of the weft.

(3), the general fabric density of one of the main is the direction of the small density of the side is latitude.

(4), the reed marks the obvious cloth, the reed mark direction for the warp.

(5), half line fabric, usually the direction of the strand is warp, single yarn direction is latitude.

(6) If the yarn twist of the single yarn is not the same, the Z-Twist is the warp direction and the S-Twist is zonal.

(7), if the fabric of the warp and weft yarn, twist, twist are not very different, then the yarn line dry evenly, better gloss for the warp.

(8), if the fabric of the yarn twist is not at the same time, the majority of the twist of the warp, twist small for the latitude.

(9), towel-type fabric, the yarn of its raising circle is the direction of the warp, the lint-less ring for weft.

(10), sliver fabric, the direction of the sliver usually in the direction.

(11) If the fabric has a system of yarn with a variety of different special numbers, this direction is warp.

(12), yarn Luo fabric, twisted yarn direction for warp, no twist of the yarn direction for latitude. 

(13), in the mix of different raw materials, the general cotton wool or cotton linen interwoven fabrics, cotton is the warp yarn, the silk is warp in the lousiness fabric, and the silk and cotton are the warp yarns in the lousiness, and the natural silk is the warp yarn in the silk-spun fabric, and in natural silk and rayon, the natural silk is the warp yarn.

Because of the wide range of fabrics, many varieties, the fabric of raw materials and the requirements of the Organization is also diverse, so in the judgement, but also according to the specific conditions of the fabric.