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What is bamboo fiber? Teach you about real bamboo fiber
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1 What is bamboo fiber Bamboo 

fiber is extracted from the natural growth of bamboo fiber, in 2000 times times the electron microscope observation, bamboo fiber cross-section of the concave-convex deformation, filled with the approximate oval-shaped pores, is highly hollow, capillary effect is extremely strong, can be absorbed in the instantaneous and evaporation of water. It is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk.

Bamboo Fiber has good air permeability, instantaneous water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties, with natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mites, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet function.

2 Classification of Bamboo fiber

(1)Natural bamboo fiber Natural bamboo fiber is mainly bamboo raw fiber.

Bamboo fiber is a natural bamboo fiber which is made by combining physical and chemical methods.

(2) Chemical Bamboo Fiber

Chemical Bamboo fiber can also be classified: bamboo pulp fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber.

Bamboo pulp Fiber: Bamboo pulp fiber is a kind of bamboo pieces into a pulp, and then the pulp made of pulp and then wet spinning made of fiber, the production process is basically similar to viscose.

Bamboo Fiber Products Bamboo charcoal Fiber: Is the selection of nano-grade bamboo charcoal powder, through a special process to add viscose spinning liquid and then by the approximate conventional spinning process textile fiber products.

3 Use of bamboo fiber

(1) Home textile series: carpet, quilt, bed linen, mat, towel, three sets, four sets, six pieces of sets, etc.

(2) Clothing series: underwear, t-shirts, bathrobes, robe, shirts, casual wear, etc.;

(3) daily-use series; towels, bath towel, scarf, socks, pads, sanitary napkins, etc.;

(4) Seat Cushion series: Aircraft seat cushion, car seat cushion, sofa seat cushion, swivel chair fabric, etc.

(5) medical care Series: gauze, bandages, masks, surgical clothing, nurses clothing;

(6) Food packaging series: tea bags, such as packaging.

4 advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber

Advantages of Bamboo Fiber

(1)Smooth and soft warm Bamboo fiber Textile Feel Like "satins".

The Bamboo fiber Textile has the unit fineness fine, the feeling is smooth: the whiteness is good, the color is bright, the toughness and the abrasion resistance is strong, has the unique resilience, has the strong longitudinal and the transverse strength, and has the stable uniformity, the drape is good.

(2)Hygroscopic and breathable Bamboo fiber cross-section is covered with large and small oval pores, can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. The water absorption of bamboo fiber is three times times of that of cotton.

Natural cross-section of the height of the hollow, making industry experts called Bamboo Fiber as: "Will breathe" fiber, also called it "fiber Queen" bamboo fiber moisture absorption, moisture-proof, breathable the first of the major textile fibers.

(3) Warm in winter and cool in summer Bamboo fiber textile used in summer and autumn season, make people feel particularly cool, breathable; the use of winter and spring season that is fluffy and comfortable can eliminate excess heat and moisture in the body, not lit, not hair dry.

Bamboo fiber textiles in winter warm summer cooling function is not comparable to other fibers.

(4) Antibacterial and antimicrobial bacteria

Under the microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber can multiply, and bamboo fiber products on the bacteria in 24 hours after the killing of more than 75% of this is not available in other textile materials.

(5)Natural Beauty

It has the natural beauty of bamboo, natural mites, anti-odor, insect-resistant characteristics of the negative ions.

(6) Anti-Ultraviolet

Bamboo Fiber's ultraviolet ray penetration rate is six out of 10,000, Cotton's ultraviolet ray penetration rate is two thousand five hundred out of 10,000, the bamboo fiber's anti-ultraviolet ability is 417 times times of cotton.

(7) Natural Health Care

Bamboo is the whole body is treasure, long ago, bamboo and people's life is closely related, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in 24 of the bamboo different medicinal efficacy and prescription, folk is there are thousands of prescriptions, has been in the bamboo for our human health to contribute.

(8)green Environmental protection In advocating "energy conservation, environmental protection" Today, Bamboo's green environmental role is increasingly prominent. Bamboo can grow 3 feet in a single night and can be quickly grown and renewed and used sustainably. To a large extent can alleviate the wood, cotton shortage of resources.

Bamboo fiber textiles are biodegradable materials that can be completely degraded in soil by microorganisms and sunlight, a process that does not cause any environmental pollution.

5 The disadvantage of bamboo fiber

(1) processing technology In processing technology, the production process of recycled bamboo fiber is too long, the environmental pollution has different degrees of influence, environmental protection has become the biggest drawback of the development of recycled bamboo fiber, and its processing of bamboo material characteristics of the destruction is not negligible.

Therefore, the processing technology of regenerated bamboo fiber is still to be perfected.

(2) making more difficult There are two main difficulties in making natural bamboo fiber: one is that bamboo single fiber is too short to be spun, and the other is that the lignin content in the fiber is very high, which is difficult to be exhausted. The conventional chemical degumming method has the long process flow, long period, consumes a lot of energy, and the equipment corrosion is serious, the environmental pollution is extremely serious, the quality of the processing is not stable.

Even if the use of biological degumming method is quite difficult, so it remains to be further research and exploration.

(3) weaving easy to break In the weaving process, because bamboo fiber is easy to absorb moisture, wet elongation and large plastic deformation characteristics, extremely brittle broken.

100% of the bamboo fiber in the garment manufacturing has not solved the shrinkage problem well, and the feel and drape are still to be improved.

(4) detection and identification Fiber identification and detection technology lag behind, still can not find an effective way to distinguish between bamboo fiber and hemp fiber, therefore, there is no shortage of Madai in the market.