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Baby Summer Care
- Jun 26, 2018 -


  Summer to the baby weaning, adult children are suffering! Summer temperature is high, humidity is big. Normal adults regulate the skin through the nervous system, so that sweating increases, generally can adapt.

  And the baby nervous system regulation function is not perfect, it is easy to occur in the heat, dehydration, heatstroke and so on.

  Heat, especially in the 7 August, people's tongue taste buds are generally sensitive to weaken, resulting in the tasteless situation, the baby will also appear the phenomenon of loss of appetite, if the baby broke the milk, is not conducive to the baby's nutrition absorption.

  Because the baby after weaning to increase other food, and the loss of appetite for babies, increase the incidence of gastro-intestinal infections, easy to appear, indigestion diarrhea and other diseases.

  Baby weaning is not comfortable, adults are bound to follow together, hot summer, ready to give the baby to weaning you, if not not to break, or postpone to autumn cool time!


  Shaved head, dermatitis, everything. Some old people say summer simply to big treasure shave a bald head, cool and not long prickly heat.

  In summer, the baby's hair is really unfavorable to stay too long, because in addition to the body by breathing out part of the heat, skin perspiration is the main way to expel heat, to the baby cut hair is possible, but to give the baby shaved head is really undesirable, the role of hair is too important. Once the baby is shaved, it loses the natural safety barrier that blocks harmful substances.

  Mosquito bites, a variety of bacteria on the scalp of the infection opportunities greatly increased, dermatitis, eczema will hurt the baby's scalp, strong ultraviolet rays are easy to sunburn baby. Without hair, bacteria directly into the child's hair root, will destroy hair follicle, shaved head, the baby may instead of long hair!

  Hair can play to help the body heat, regulate the role of temperature, to the baby shaved head, skin absorption of heat does not reduce the increase, the sweat will also be quickly lost, can not afford to evaporate through the sweat of the effect of heat dissipation.

  The front fontanelle of the baby's head is generally 1-1.5 years old to close, to a year and a half below the baby, we all know that Fontanelle should be the focus of protection of the object, hair on the baby's head has a protective effect, if really shaved bald, the whole small head will be completely exposed.

  Can not shave bald head, that assumes the hair of the baby is too long to be at sixes and sevens still particularly hot?

  The baby's hair should be cut not to shave, so as to prevent the hair cut when the baby's skin, cut a small flat or short hair both the spirit of the baby's head to protect the role. Baby haircut, to be very cautious, small baby scalp delicate, in case of scalp breakage, it is easy to cause skin infections. Long eczema, prickly heat of the baby, shave easily will be broken, bleeding, and if the Barber tool is not clean, the consequences are more serious.