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Do Babies Sleep In Blanket Or Sleep With Their Mothers In Winter?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

There are many places where traditional childcare habits are tightly wrapped in sheets, small quilts or thin blankets, and the study says this method actually really helps the baby's sleep.

The sleeping baby is particularly quiet and lovely, but we should pay attention to the tightness of the package so as to prevent the baby from being uncomfortable or dangerous.

After studying 2 groups of infants 1 to 3 months old, the researchers found that babies in their infancy not only slept longer, but slept more. This is because the nervous system development is not perfect after the birth of the newborn, especially the nerve myelin sheath has not formed, the external sound, shaking and other stimuli are very tolerant to the whole body reaction, easy to be "frightened", and a slightly wrapped swadle can give the baby a safe dependence, as well as prevent the baby's whole body reaction, and let treasure. Treasure the sense of security encircled in the mother's belly again.

So, we can take all kinds of statements, when the baby sober, give him loose space, remove all the bondage, the baby free activity, and when the baby sleepy sleep, may as well parcel a safe baby, let the baby sleep more sweet.

Do babies sleep in blanket or sleep with their mothers in winter?