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Home Textile Black Science And Technology Innovation Constantly Functional Bed Products Carry The Banner
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The pressure of social competition is increasing, and more and more people are facing insomnia and other problems. Especially for teenagers and children, the healthy function of home textile is more important. They are the focus of every family's attention, the hope of the community, for its better sleep atmosphere, parents at any cost. But compared with the functional products in the clothing industry, it is slightly embarrassed in the field of home textiles: many home textile enterprises are very optimistic about the development of functional products, but in the main bed products sales channels such as stores, monopoly stores, functional bed products are rare. Why do we all look good, but the market performance is far less than expected? What is the future of functional bed products? Focusing on blanket processing factory Xinge home textile believes that enterprises want to achieve considerable development, we must analyze the status quo, to seek room for development. What is the current status of functional home textile products?

First of all, functional textiles are derived from the functional health care industry, and because of hype, exaggeration and even the phenomenon of false chaos occurs from time to time, consumers have a certain degree of distrust, or even exclusion of the entire functional health care industry. When the large functional health care industry is trapped in harsh environment, the small functional textiles are also involved. Moreover, the industry standards and testing basis of the whole functional textiles are relatively lagging behind, which to some extent promotes the possibility of over-publicity and reduces the trust of consumers. Fortunately, in recent years, the adjustment and self-discipline of the entire functional health care industry are gradually standardized and improved, and the functional textiles testing standards and industry standards are also closely carried out.

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Secondly, there are some problems in the field of functional home textiles: from capsules, fibers, yarns, grey fabrics, printing and dyeing, fabrics to finished products, there is a lack of communication and in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream in the industrial chain. Manufacturers in each link want to push their own brands, engage in brand licensing, and issue tags downstream. Propaganda and promotion are also separate, which objectively caused the cognitive confusion of consumers, for the cultivation of functional home textile processing products consumer market is very unfavorable. A coordinated and orderly environment is very important to the development of an industry. Only by doing their own expertise, linking up the upstream and downstream, and jointly cultivating functional bed products consumer groups, can we really expand and strengthen the industry.

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Thirdly, channel difference is an important reason for the development of functional bed products rather than functional clothing. Clothing brand is backed by gold commercial districts around the country, and with the clothing industry's terminal strategy, many brands have thousands of terminals, network throughout the country, it is very easy to promote functional clothing products; and home textile brand terminal started late, there are over a thousand shop brands only a few leading enterprises, the rest are more Regional brands, because there is no channel foundation, functional bed products to sell to the national market, more difficult. Therefore, the promotion of functional bed products also needs a platform that can radiate the mainstream brands in China.

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In the future development, the research and development of functional fibers should be deepened. Many functional fiber research and development are concluded that the fiber can be produced in large quantities, which is far from enough, from functional fiber to functional bed products still have a long way to go, this path of exploration verifies the previous research results, and promote research from the laboratory to practical application. The field of bed products has its particularity. Functional products need more mature process research and development. For example, Tencel fabric bed products, in the early promotion of fabric faces many difficulties and pressures, and through upstream and downstream cooperation in research and development, eventually promote Tencel bed products to the consumer market. Of course, as China's home textile OEM, ODM brand Singer home textiles will also invest manpower, material resources, financial resources in this regard, the establishment of professional research and development team, research and design to meet the needs of modern human health functional beds.


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