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How To Change Diapers For Babies Outdoors
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  Preparatory work: Find a relatively quiet, less people place, avoid changing urine is not wet when the environment is too noisy, so that the baby is afraid and crying.

Then the clean urine is not wet, baby wipes, paper towels are taken out and put on the side.

  Correct posture:

The adult sits steady, two legs separate, will the baby flat on the leg, concrete, one leg hold the baby's shoulder, the other leg hold the baby's butt.

  Start to change urine not wet:

The baby's trousers back to the calf, the clean urine is not wet pad in the old urine is not wet under, untie the old urine is not wet, with a hand to grasp the baby's feet gently lifted up, the old urine does not wet open, with the old urine not wet before the section to wipe some stool, and then put together in the baby's buttocks under the bottom.

  Clean your butt:

Then, wipe the baby's butt with a wet towel, it is best to have the order from the go after the rub, especially the female baby, must be from the go after rub, to avoid bacteria infected baby's vagina.

  Change good urine not wet:

  Wipe the baby's butt clean, the old urine is not wet take off, the clean urine before the cover in front of the baby, put down the baby's feet, will clean the urine is not wet, put the baby's trousers on, the urine is not wet for good. The old urine will be used not wet, wipes, paper towels wrapped, thrown into the garbage cans.