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How To Choose Bedding For Baby
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  For the baby to buy bedding, parents often need to consider a lot, comfort and security is the most important, the following are some of the common baby bedding purchase skills.

Choice of baby Sheets

  You can prepare a few more cotton sheets, and to facilitate cleaning, fast drying, do not need a whole hot.

  If you don't want the sheets to mess up with the baby's twist, you can buy bigger sheets, to set aside more sheet area can be reversed to the mattress, you can also tie the four corners of the sheet after tying to the bed, or now on the market also has four corners are sewing elastic belt equipment, will be a good way to solve the bed sheets running.

  The mattress under the sheet, with a solid and thick plastic sleeve, can be used as a waterproof, even if the baby's diaper leaks, just replace the new sheets on the good.

The choice of baby quilt

  Check the quilt or blanket has no off line, if there is, you must cut off the thread or sew well, in case the baby's hands and feet are entangled in the accident. If it is wrapped in a small baby blanket, you can choose thinner thin blanket, both easy to wrap, breathable and frivolous feeling, but also make the baby more comfortable.

  But in the package, should not only leave a small hole to the baby, so easy to suffocate risk.

If it is to the larger baby quilt cover, you can use sleeping bag-type quilt, or the quilt on both sides of the mattress to the bottom of the fixed, can prevent the quilt by the baby kicked kicked off. Old quilts and blankets, don't throw them away, but they can also be used as mats or sheets.

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