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How To Choose The Summer Cold Of Silk Is
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  Silk Summer Cool is a relatively good air-conditioning is, natural silk contains special sericin "sericin" ingredients, with anti-allergy, skin protection and other protective effects, and the silk contains the highest fiber in the "silk volume gap" and "side chain amino acid" can absorb the moisture in the air, and to remove, maintain by the material dry, It has good discharging function and is very beneficial to the prevention and cure of rheumatism. In addition, the infrared radiation can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep quality.

  In the purchase need to pay attention to the following three aspects:

  Identification of the true and false of silk summer cool Because the price of silk is higher, so many unscrupulous businesses are adulterated, we are in the purchase of silk in the summer cool, we must learn to identify its true and false.

  The quality silk should be milky white slightly yellow, the surface has a soft luster, silk fiber is very long, each layer of silk is like a net, and may be accompanied by a small number of pupa shell; As long as a little silk and then with a fire, then the silk burning will have the smell of hair, leaving the flames, will soon be extinguished.

  The price orientation of the silk summer cool The silk summer Cool air conditioner is a variety, the price is different, but the quality of the silk summer cooling is very similar, the price difference mainly lies in the different processing method.

  Quilts are used in quilted style, generally with a single air-conditioning is higher prices, embroidery air-conditioning is relatively cheaper, and printing air-conditioning is the price in three kinds of air-conditioning is the cheapest, if there is no color of pure white fabric is cheaper, as long as two hundred or three hundred yuan can buy.

  The thickness and size of the silk summer cool Silk is generally in the market according to the weight of silk, silk material more expensive, so the thickness of silk air-conditioning should be appropriate, as far as the size is not the larger the better, in the purchase of the best according to the size of the bed to determine size.