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How To Clean The Seat Rug? Here Comes The Little Helper!
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  1. Seat Seat is the most volume of the car, the seat of dirty and not dirty often determines the cleanliness of the car. Clean the seats, often using long hair brushes and jokingly use them together. For particularly dirty seats: first, use the brush to clean the dirty place, such as larger stains, garbage, stains, dirt and so on. Then, use a clean rag to dip in a small amount of neutral lotion. In the case of half dry and half wet. Wipe the seat surface completely. It is important to note that the cloth must be wrung to prevent excess water infiltration into the sponge.

  After that, clean the seat with a vacuum cleaner and remove the excess moisture and make the seat dry as soon as possible.

  2. Carpet The carpet is the easiest place to tread in the interior of the car, sticking up in addition to the daily dust, but also includes the owner of the foot of the dirt carried, and the car itself with the carpet is basically one with the car, not easy to remove down clean, I suggest the best in the car to place activities in the foot mat. If the foot mat is not too dirty just have some soild words, get the car outside pat on it, use the brush head vacuum cleaner for dust treatment, can make the dirty carpet looks not so dirty.