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How To Install The Car Seat Cushion?
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  1 before the installation, first of all to check the purchase back of the car cushion and the quality of the tension and the length of the line moment and so on, for the rear of the installation to do the groundwork.Usually a set of car cushion includes: The front driving seat is two, the rear seat is two single backrest and a large pad of five pieces.

  2 vehicle Front Seat Cushion installation method: Car front seat cushion has a hat head hood, directly put the car seat cushion down on the good, and then in the car seat cushion with one or two buttons, you can directly put the car seat cushion card buckle hand into the seat of the gap, so that the car seat cushion will not move forward. Then you put the paved car seat in front of the two small hook-and-loop hook into the seat under the iron bars. Some do not have a small tongue hook but with an elastic buckle, then you have to pull the buckle through the middle of the seat through one of the buckle and through the back of the seat through the lock and the other end of the clip locked.

The front seat is installed, and the other driver is installed as well.

  3 Rear Car Seat cushion installation: First, please observe the rear seat on the car installation method, in fact, there are only two kinds, one is buckle-type and without buckle-type long seat, without pull-type seats you can directly pull out the long seat, with a long lock button you press the lock button and then pull out the long seat. The other seats are fixed with the body screws, and you have to take the screws apart. Separate the long seat from the rear. After the car seat cushion is separated from the rear, you can easily pass the long cushion through the card mouth of the car seat cushion and fasten the long car mat.

At this point you can also put back into the back of the seat on the head of the hat.

  4 finally after the long seat installed, pay attention to the seat belt to reset Oh.

You can put the car seat pad and the back of the retaining card into the gap, then you put the car seat flat. 

  5 correct master method, correct installation cushion, make our car more comfortable and beautiful.