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How To Maintain The Down Quilt Is Effective.
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Down quilt with its warmth and lightness attracted a lot of consumers, but the price of down quilt is still a bit expensive compared to ordinary quilt, if not properly maintained, it is easy to shorten its service life, the following to discuss how to maintain down quilt.

1. Cover the down quilt before use, so as not to stain the quilt during use, but also to facilitate our regular cleaning and maintain hygiene.

How do you protect the down quilt?

How do you protect the down quilt?

2. People who are especially afraid of cold may not use a down quilt alone enough, but also add a quilt, this time we should pay attention to, do not put down quilt under the heavy quilt, such as thick quilt, this will affect the fluffness of down quilt, resulting in its poor warmth.

3. In the process of using down quilt, pat its surface every other period of time, so that the inside of the down evenly distributed, in order to prevent the down run to make a pile.

How do you protect the down quilt?

How do you protect the down quilt?

Fourth, remember to take out the down quilt to dry, can make the down to recover fluffy, can also deodorize and dispel dampness, but not frequent drying, twice a month can be.


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