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How To Pack A Blanket For Newborns
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  Since the delivery of the mother to four weeks (28 days) within the child is called a newborn, this stage of the baby's physical and psychological is very fragile, especially in the cold season, the baby package is beautiful and warm is very important. The first step: first the blanket into a diamond to put a blanket on the flat surface, diamond-shaped. Fold the top corner.

Put the baby flat on the blanket so that his neck is in a crease position. Step Two: Wrap the right arm of the baby on the right side of his body, pull the left corner of the blanket to the right and wrap the baby's right arm and body. Fold the blanket over the baby's body and tuck it behind him, the tighter the better.

The baby's left arm is to be exposed outside. Step three: Wrap the left arm of the baby down and pull up a corner under the blanket to cover the baby's left shoulder.

The growing part folds up and tucked under the baby's left arm.

  Fourth step: Finally finish the blanket to the right corner of the outside to tighten, and then wrap the baby in front of the body, you can put the baby to your right side a little bit, so that the long out of the corner wrapped in his back. If wrapped well, it helps the baby to be overly stimulated to calm down, prevent him from sleeping well because of his shock reflex, and keep warm before his body's temperature regulation develops well.