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How To Use Baby Blankets
- Feb 05, 2019 -

Newly born babies go out with blankets, quilts, large towels or large silk scarves to keep their babies from blowing cold. But what kind of blanket should we choose to fit our baby? How can baby blankets be used to make babies more comfortable?

Some blankets are not made of pure cotton, so they can't be directly used by newborn babies. They should be wrapped in a pure cotton towel or something. According to the actual temperature, the appropriate choice for the baby blanket oh. In cold weather, you can use a thick towel quilt (cotton) or a small quilt made of cotton. If the weather is hot, don't wrap the baby with a thick cotton blanket. Choose some more breathable texture to avoid the baby getting prickly.

How can we choose a better blanket? It depends on whether it feels fluffy, elastic and soft. Look at the density of the fabric. It feels solid. It also depends on the color and cleanliness of the surface. See if there is depilation. Look at the quality of the blanket. Look at the uniformity and smoothness of textiles. Real fur is identifiable, ignite a little, will have a distinct taste of fried eggs is pure hair oh.

First, lay the blanket flat on the bed, then put the baby in the middle of the blanket, fold the blanket corner of the baby's left foot in half, then fold the blanket on the left hand in half, then fold the blanket on the baby's right hand in half, and finally hold the blanket over his head and face.

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