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Pick A Baby Blanket With Your Heart
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Baby Blanket Classification

1. high-grade pure blankets, cashmere blankets, camel hair blankets, yak carpet and so on.

2. the intermediate pure blanket, has the watermark jacquard blanket, is the pure wool, the wool jacquard rug, the pure Maug blanket, the woolen wool element blanket and so on.

Baby Blanket Purchase Knowledge

1. a look has no velvet feeling, whether flexible and soft;

2. two see whether enough weaving density, there is a sense of reality;

3. three to see the surface color, cleanliness degree;

4. four see whether the size is missing, the weight is less;

5. five see hair removal phenomenon is there;

6. six see how many defects on the surface;

7. seven look at the quality of hair, miscellaneous, pure impure, thick, not bright;

8. eight to see the textile uniform, flat degree.

9. the true degree of pure wool can be identified, combustion identification method can be used. 10, baby words, to buy an interesting cartoon blankets, that is, practical and lovely, your baby has seen a certain rapturous. On the blanket, a cute little animal was sewn on.