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What Kind Of Baby Blanket Is Better? How Should Blankets Be Washed?
- Jun 26, 2018 -

  The different quality of the blanket cleaning method is different. We have roughly divided the quality of the blankets into two large quantities according to the blankets that are often sold on the market. One is pure wool blanket, one kind is the blanket of chemical fiber composition.

  The way the two quality blankets are washed is not the same. The first kind. How to wash pure woolen blankets: Wool blankets can not be washed with washing machine. Because the high-speed rotation of the washing machine will damage the wool blanket. The wool blanket is easily deformed after washing. So, you can only hand wash or get the dry cleaning shop to wash. Wool blanket before washing with cold water for a period of time, so that blankets fully soaked. Then put the blanket, gently squeeze part of the water, rub the soap with the hand gently. Don't twist the blanket and use your hand to squeeze the water out. Otherwise the blanket is easily deformed. Finally, blankets generally have to shade, not directly in the sun exposure, which will make the blanket hardening, shape, but also easy to lose hair.

  How to wash wool blankets is probably to pay attention to these problems. The second kind. A blanket with a chemical fiber composition. There are generally two kinds of polyester and acrylic fiber on the market. This blanket can be cleaned with a washing machine. But do not add blisters. Generally 20 degrees of cold water is the most suitable. Of course, hand wash effect is better, chemical fiber composition blanket How to wash the method probably and wool blanket almost. If you are washing with a washing machine, remember not to use the washing machine directly. But to handle with the hand to squeeze dry. Blankets are mainly shade, so that the shape of the blanket can be maintained, it is not easy to lose hair. Second, if you want the blanket to be washed more smoothly, you can add about one or two white vinegar in the last cleaning, which will make the blanket look more vivid.

  Finally, we should remember that, no matter what blankets, do not use boiling water bubbles, not only the blanket easily deformed, but also make blankets easier to drop hair.

The above is a blanket how to wash the correct way to some of the summary, I hope you have read, you have helped to clean the blankets!